Le Cerque farmhouse is located on a hill just in front of the square and the historic center of Collevecchio; this is why the view of the ancient village from the garden and the premises of the company is particularly fascinating, especially at sunset.


The reception is located in a farmhouse of early twentieth century tufa, in a new glazed environment inspired by the English "conservatory" which functions as a home for the host family and as a breakfast room for the guests.

The garden, which occupies the space between the farmhouse where the reception is located and the housing, is rich in oaks, pines and cypresses and is organized in areas where lawns, bushy areas, hedges and flowering spots interact with each other in a changing system full and empty. The most typically gardener plants are mixed with the spontaneous ones.

At the end of the garden, along an ancient path shaded by oaks and dotted with lilacs, you will soon reach the structures where the lodging, the open space, and the pool...


Alloggio - Il corbezzolo The Corbezzolo: on the ground floor of the main farmhouse, includes a room for 2 people, a fireplace, a kitchen and a bathroom. It has a shaded outdoor area surrounded by olive trees and climbing roses.

The Quercia: on the first floor of the main farmhouse, includes a bedroom for 2-3 persons and a bathroom. It has a lovely view on a majestic oak, the largest of the garden.

Appartamento - l'olivo

The Olivo: on the first floor of the main farmhouse, includes a bedroom for 2-3 persons and a bathroom. A large window, exposed to the east, overlooks a wide and beautiful landscape of valleys and hills; in the background the Sabine Mountains.
It is possible to use the entire farmhouse, with independent access, thus providing 6-8 beds, a kitchen and three bathrooms.

The Melograno: on the ground floor of the main farmhouse, with independent access from the garden; It includes a room for 2 people, a small kitchen and a bathroom. It has a shaded outdoor area, with a beautiful view of the garden and the village.

The Mandorlo: in a secluded structure, rebuilt around an old oven, still working; includes a room for 2-3 persons, a small kitchen and a bathroom. It has an outdoor area, shaded, with a splendid view of Mount Soratte and the village of Collevecchio.

The Casetta delle Bambole: located near the reception and the owners' house, in a secluded building shaded by vigorous climbing roses and citrus; It includes a bedroom for 2 people and a bathroom. It has direct access to the garden, located at the center of the property and to the panoramic terrace looking towards Collevecchio.

OPEN SPACE “Il Fienile delle agavi”

Open space - il fienile delle agavi

Realized recently (2018), it combines the adhesion to the aesthetics of contemporary architecture with strict principles of energy saving and use of renewable energy. The use of "bare and raw" materials: exposed concrete, corten steel, dry stone, wood, glass, deliberately avoided the risk of "fake rustic" to create a welcoming and functional space for guests of the farm , in which to carry out common activities or simply "stay", perhaps in pleasant conversation, or with a good book in hand and music to listen to. The available space, 50 square meters inside and 40 outside, entirely paved in wood, lends itself well to the organization of meetings, parties, training activities and seminars.
It is possible the catering service for the groups accommodated, by prior arrangement.

La piscina


We chose an elongated shape (4x16 m) to evoke the ancient fountains and allow you to do a few strokes! The depth of only 140 cm allows us to meet safety standards and to save valuable water resources. The water is heated with a solar thermal system that makes the pool usable from spring to autumn.